Almar Jesolo

An exclusive world made of relax and pleasant temptations in the sparkling Lido di Jesolo, the beach of Venice. Large installations and bespoke compositions for this splendid structure among the few 5-star Resort & Spa hotels on the Venetian Riviera. Installation of 3 meters by 1 meter made entirely of plexiglass, metal and fabric shaped in shapes obtained from metal rods, the light intensity effect is regulated by dimmable light sources. But above all the large installation for the SPA, a large ceiling structure made of medium density wood fiber panels rendered fireproof, lacquered in white color, perimeter frame in 30×50 metal tubular. Sinuous sails of variable height from 10 cm to 30 cm made of painted masonite with fabric effect dyed in white color. Led plates to protect translucent thermoformed domes for anti-glare effect. Side-emission G4 bulbs inside cylinders of transparent pyrex glass with sandblasted head for anti-glare effect.

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