GSC LIGHTING is a “bespoke decorative lighting” manufacturer for professional architectural lighting.

GSC LIGHTING & CONSULTING is head of group ownership of the brand and the rights of the “gsc hotel lighting” group in the market since 2000 leader in “custom made lighting” for the hospitality & luxury industry, the company operates through a business group of associated producers of murano glass district among these we include an exclusive glassware artisan.



Our work starts being support to the designer, offering integrated design services, 3d simulations, product engineering till to the autocad view of all the details for final approval before starts the production. We design, manufacture and supply equipment and lighting systems for any type of architectural environment, from the lighting in the hospitality industry that become one of the most important issue to recognize the brands to those that in the historic structures or institutions have to restore the environment to its former glory, combining ancient emotions to modern technology.

Each environment has its own peculiarities and every project its own characteristics, the light must then carry out different functions and the luminaire assume the burden of being the object and subject, controller and responsible of the final lighting effect, making sure that the light plays the visual task which is designed for, keeping proper functionality of the ambient. GSC becomes therefore laboratory and workshop of the designers, conducting ongoing research, analysis and selection of new materials and new light sources, investigating of new technologies. In a period like the one we are experiencing, with profound technological, economic and social changes, also the light, following the transformation of our living and work spaces needs to adapt placing itself in balance with environmental resources.

GSC always used for its lighting fixtures the best quality materials, eco-friendly, made to last over time, while using light sources of the latest generation for the best lighting performance, for a production always aimed at saving energy and protecting the planet. we produce our products by applying the highest quality standards in all stages of production, with a precise, specific attention to safety and quality standards of the country of destination of the lighting fixtures. With continuous updates and a continue efforts to improve the quality of our products and services and thanks to the knowledge of international standards we have realized prestigious projects in many countries in the world. We sell mainly in foreign countries, switzerland, germany, the gulf area countries and middle east are our main markets of the last 5 years, previously we have developed a consolidated presence in hospitality italian market had created the lighting for many hotels group as una hotels and a nh hotels.

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