Customized lighting design and production


GSC Lighting is a manufacturer of “tailor-made decorative lighting” for professional lighting.

GSC LIGHTING & CONSULTING is a holding company, owner of brand and rights, of “Gsc Hotel lighting ” brand, present in the market since 2000, leader in the” Custom made lighting solutions ” for the hospitality and luxury sector.
The company operates through a group of manufacturing companies in the supply chain, active in the Murano Glass district, among which we have an exclusive glassware workshop.

Lighting design

Our work starts from being the designer’s support, offering integrated design services, 3d simulations, product engineering up to the exploded design of all the details for final approval prior to production. For our lighting fixtures we use high quality materials, with low environmental impact, made to last in time, using at the same time the latest generation of light sources, for the best lighting performance, for a production always aimed at energy saving.

We design, manufacture and supply lighting fixtures and systems for any kind of architectural environment, from the lighting fixtures that in the hotel industry become one of the most important distinguishing signs to those in historical structures or Institutions must restore the environment to the ancient splendors, combining ancient emotions with modern technologies. Each environment has its peculiarities and each project its characteristics, the light must therefore carry out different functions and the illuminating body assume the burden of being object and subject, controller and responsible for the final luminous effect, making so That the light carries out the visual task which it is destined to always maintaining a correct usability of the environment.

We cultivate an international network of contacts with the world of research, architecture, design, art and everything that it does and moves around the culture of light.


Our manufactory includes a wide range of finishes chosen among the best available, offering the possibility to satisfy their own creative and emotional desires.

The continuous research of innovative solutions for painting has allowed us in the years to select Italian suppliers with high innovative standards able to provide us with natural, clean and safe varnishes and guaranteed by numerous test tests now capable of Exceed in brilliance the best known galvanic finishes offering longer life time and lower production costs. It’s also possible to reproduce singing, marbled, satin, brushed, chromed and polished effects.

Production of custom decorative lighting systems

GSC Lighting with its own brand GSC Hotel lighting occupies in the lighting market on project The fundamental role of supplier of unique products in the lighting sector dedicated to Hotels and historical and institutional sites, lamps, chandeliers, Suspension, realizations from oversized dimensions, large installations and modular compositions that illuminate open space with high sizes, assembled from various and complex phases of sub-processing and from as many phases carried out internally to our Seats.


We offer most of the raw materials available on the market:

Brass, stainless steel, aluminium
Glass in sheet, hand blown glass, blown glass in mould and K9 glass
Methacrylate & PVC
Natural and technical fabrics with fireproof treatment
Laminated fabrics and Pleated
Microperforated Metals


Processing and treatments able to satisfy every stylistic desire of the architect:

Flat and 3d printing of fabrics
Laser textures of flat and 3d metals
Castings of brass and aluminum
Thermoforming of plastic materials
Powder and liquid painting including polished metal effect
Shaping of metal rods also in framework version 5 × 5
Galvanic of every shade of satin Finish

Assembling structures, frames, components, precision parts, stability supports, following the criteria dictated to ensure compliance with all required regulations, our lighting fixtures take the definitive form desired, finally the accurate source Luminous, able to transform a simple furnishing idea into an effective and functional ambient light, completes a work of ancient tradition and innovative soul.

Our lighting skills allow us to assess in advance the necessity of ambient light, in relation to the areas of the day, in all its variables and opportunities, simply starting from the analysis of the plants and the elevations provided, Among the solutions offered, in addition to standard and/G traditional bulbs, some of the most innovative LED components provided by the best international partners:

Modules-Dynamic adjustment modules
Rigid thin bands-flexible thin bands
Fibre Optic
Driver Scr – Driver Triac – Driver for given systems – multiple drivers

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