Lighting for hotels – Bespoke Lighting

Design and production of customized lighting systems and lamps for hotels.
We deal with decorative lighting based on a project, providing unique professional products dedicated to hotels: lamps and chandeliers made to measure for the lighting of interiors and exteriors, different kind of environments, rooms and halls, but we also deal with the realization of large installations and modular compositions to illuminate open space with relevant sizes.

For the bespoke lighting production we operate through consortium companies active in the Murano district. We provide a wide range of materials, treatments and finishes with a high innovative and quality standard, in order to satisfy every aesthetic and design desire of the architect and customer.
We choose the latest generation of light sources to obtain the best lighting performance combined with energy saving.

We are aware of the central role that lighting plays in the hotel sector and of the importance of choosing suitable lighting systems in harmony with the concept design and the architectural style. We create lighting systems that promote a functional light for interiors to one of the most distinctive elements of the environment and of hotels.

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